Smart Speaker Prototype AIY Voice Kit Unboxing

DIY MAKER 於 28/07/2020 發表 收藏文章
Google AIY is an artificial intelligence project that aims to develop some artificial intelligence DIY projects. There are currently two projects, one is a voice kit and the other is a video kit. At present, I only bought the AIY voice kit. Let's just unpack it and see what it is.
The outer packaging is very simple. The front is the finished product picture. The back is the internal parts, including a main circuit board Voice HAT, microphone, speaker, an arcade style button, two pieces of paper, and some connecting wires.
There is a very thick manual with detailed assembly instructions and some gameplay introductions. It can be said to be a magazine. In fact, this kit was originally a gift for the first issue of Map Pi magazine.
Voice HAT is the core of this kit, speakers, microphones, buttons, etc. are connected to it. And it is connected to the Raspberry Pi. For this thing, I bought a Raspberry Pi.
Well, start assembling according to the instructions. First plug the Voice HAT into the Raspberry Pi.
Then start to connect the speaker. The green place on the Voice HAT can be connected to a speaker. The positive and negative wires of the speaker are inserted into the screw holes and the bolts are tightened. In fact, a speaker can be connected to the right side, but there is no welding in this place. That’s a regret.
Now start to connect the microphone. This is easier that just plug it in and it's OK.
The most complicated origami paper starts below, the first is the inner paperboard.
Then fold the outer cardboard and tuck the inner side.
OK, the last thing, the arcade-style buttons can be installed. This button is really good. In fact, there is an LED inside.
Then fix the microphone on it and align it with the hole on it. The manual says to use double-sided tape. Without this thing, it is directly fixed with tape.
Ok, seal it, and the assembly is complete.
The next step is to insert the card, turn it on, and... of course, here is a smart speaker. Compared with Google Home Mini, it is a bit big.



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