Chinese Version of the AI Model Platform - Model Play, is Officially Come Out

DIY MAKER 於 07/07/2020 發表 收藏文章
Model Play is the first AI model platform based on Google Edge TPU chip. It is reported that the Chinese version of Model Play has been launched, and developers can officially visit the site.
The most direct application of machine learning is to apply the model to the actual business to solve the problem. The AI model is an important guarantee for the real landing of artificial intelligence technology in production practice and the promotion of industrial development. It is also an important part of the artificial intelligence ecosystem.
Model Play is an AI model resource communication and trading platform for global users. It provides a rich and diverse functional model for machine learning and deep learning. It supports multiple types of mainstream smart terminal hardware such as Tiorb AIX and helps users quickly create and deploy models, significantly improve model development and application efficiency, and lower the threshold for artificial intelligence development and application.
The AI model in the Model Play platform is compatible with mainstream edge computing AI chips in many types of markets, including Google Coral Edge TPU, Intel Movidius, and Nvidia Jetson Nano. Especially Google Coral Edge TPU, it can run directly with TiOrb AIX after downloading the AI model.
Edge TPU can be used in more and more industrial use scenarios, such as predictive maintenance, anomaly detection, machine vision, robotics, speech recognition, etc. It can be applied to various fields such as manufacturing, local deployment, healthcare, retail, smart space, transportation and so on. Its small size and low energy consumption, but excellent performance, can deploy high-precision AI on the edge.
Users can not only publish their trained AI models on Model Play, but also download models they are interested in, in order to retrain and expand their AI ideas, and realize the idea-prototype-product process.
Based on a rich and diverse model resource library, Model Play is suitable for a wide range of AI application scenarios. No matter it is a smart product design team, a production enterprise, or even an education industry or an individual developer group, you can get valuable content here.
Model Play has also opened an activity to collect models for global developers. Interested developers can give it a try and share your AI ideas with global developers.
Artificial intelligence technology will lead a new round of industrial transformation. For example, Google clearly put forward its development strategy from "mobile first" to "artificial intelligence first" at its 2017 annual developer conference. Microsoft's fiscal year 2017 annual report made artificial intelligence the company's development vision for the first time. The field of artificial intelligence is at the forefront of innovation and entrepreneurship. The McKinsey company report pointed out that in 2016, the global artificial intelligence research and development investment exceeded 30 billion US dollars and is in a stage of rapid growth; the world-renowned venture capital research institute CB Insights report shows that there are more than thousands of newly established artificial intelligence startups in the world, and the total amount of artificial intelligence the investment exceeds US$20 billion, a year-on-year increase of as much as 2 times.
"Tiorb AIX" Mini "Super Brain"
The DIY computer with AI visual recognition function - Tiorb AIX, focuses on AI programming and development needs, tools that can be used by ordinary developers and technical experts. Built-in edge computing hardware Coral Edge TPU version and Intel Movidius version, based on the original model library, users can conduct secondary development according to their own needs: find human faces, different types of objects detection, expression recognition... make yourself exclusive AI device.



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