AAEON and Gravity Link Have Successfully Reached Cooperation

DIY MAKER 於 09/06/2020 發表 收藏文章
Shenzhen Gravity Link Technology Co., Ltd. successfully signed a contract with Taiwan ASUS AAEON Technology. It means Gravity Link becomes a long-term supplier of AAEON technology. Through this cooperation, the two sides hope to write a new chapter of mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation!
As a global distribution partner of Google AI chipset, Gravity Link has made great progress along the way, launched sales in more than 40 countries and regions around the world and successfully reached cooperation with many well-known enterprises. Brand strength is the key empowerment and one of the core competitiveness. It can be seen that the cooperation between Gravity Link and AAEON is a general trend, which can not only provide mutual benefit, but also promote the rapid development of the artificial intelligence industry.
Taiwan ASUS AAEON Technology is a leading manufacturer of advanced industrial and embedded computing platforms. It is committed to innovative projects and provides integrated solutions, hardware and services to world-class OEM/ODM and system integrators. AAEON is continuing to pursue innovation and excellence, and joined the ASUS Group in 2011. With ASUS Group's advanced technology support and abundant resources, AAEON's leadership in the industry has been strengthened. Meanwhile, Gravity Link is a Chinese incubator operating partner officially authorized by Google in the United States. It has a complete product line and excellent resources, which can greatly meet the development needs of AAEON and provide high-quality coral chips to maximize the value of the product.
Gravitylink has been working hardly in the AI industry for many years. With its profound experience in the industry, sincere cooperation concepts and forward-looking strategic thinking, Gravity Link has become a trustworthy brand for industry partners. The potential of the AI industry is unlimited, and the future is expected. Gravity Link has always committed to helping every enterprise that loves AI, waving its flag. In this open, diverse, and creative era, Gravity Link, living up to its original intention, will join hands with more people of insight and journey together for a broader and smarter future!



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